Transponder SystemsTCDP1 - Protime Decoder

The Protime decoder is used in general in road cycling events or karting tracks or in addition, it can serve as backup with a  Elite decoder. This decoder does not have SD card to store passings but it has a small memory to store up to 2000 passings. The decoder has a TCP/IP and RS232 interface for the communication with the computer. Option: additional Input Loop (TCDP2)

Timing Solution

Technicals specifications
Saves passing
100 % reliability
TCP/IP interface
Resolution : 0.001 s


  • 01

    >>Software Elite V3

    Elite V3 Suite

  • 02

    >>Protime LS Transponder

    TCTLSB - Protime LS Transponder

  • 03

    >>Protime RK Transponder

    TCTRK - Protime RK Transponder

  • 04


    TCTRC - Protime RC Transponder