Transponder Systems TCDE - Elite Decoder

The Elite decoder is especially used in races that require an accurate timing to the 1/1’000th of a second. An internal battery ensures the functioning of the decoder during a power failure, while continuing to function for 2 hours. The graphic lcd display shows useful information such as the noise level, the loop detection level, the last transponder ID. It also displays the race time or day time, which can be synchronized by GPS or by the computer. The decoder has a TCP/IP and RS232 interface for the communication with the computer.

Timing Solution

Technicals specifications
GPS synchronization
Resolution : 0.001 sec.
Emergency power supply integrated


  • 01

    >>Software Elite V3

    Elite V3 Suite

  • 02

    >>Distant Decoder

    TCDDI - Distant Decoder

  • 03

    >>Protime Elite Transponder

    TCTEB - Protime Elite Transponder

  • 04

    >>Protime LS Transponder

    TCTLSB - Protime LS Transponder

  • 05

    >>Protime RK Transponder

    TCTRK - Protime RK Transponder

  • 06


    TCTRC - Protime RC Transponder