Transponder Systems TCDDI - Distant Decoder

This decoder provides intermediate times on a circuit. The decoder can be connected with a RS485 network or a radio network. A secured dialog enables the main decoder to receive every passings recorded by the distant decoder. Up to 32 distant decoders can be used on your circuit. By using two loops with one distant decoder, you can measure an instantaneous passing speed. The test center of F1 BMW Miramas in France, Madras India, FFSA (French Federation of Auto Sport) has used this configuration for many years. Option: - loops input Speed-Trap (TCDVI) - 1 GPS synchronisation - 1 SD Card reader

Timing Solution

Technicals specifications
Time accuracy
Depending on the Elite decoder
Saves passings
Resolution : 0.001 s
Secure Communications Protocol


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    >>Protime Elite Decoder

    TCDE - Elite Decoder

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    Elite V3 Tracking