Wireless Transmission HL670 - 500Mw Wireless Impulses / Data System - Timekeeping

- Frequency : 869 MHz – REC 70-03

- Power : 500 mW

- Precision impulse: +/- 1/10’000 sec. 

- Communication data : RS 232 / RS 485 

- Autonomy : > 24 Hrs at + 20°C

- Number of channels: 4


500mW Impulses et data Transmission System – HL 670

The new 500mW impluses and data transmission system surpasses the highest requirements for reliability and precision.

For training or competition, a powerful and simple to use device, it is the wireless timing solution that has been long awaited.

The HL670 is ideal for transferring timing data and Impulses from photocells, start gates and other devices. With 500mW of emitting power and frequency range (869 MHz) ensures the HL670 is licence free throughout Europe (ISM Band 869 MHz – REC 70-03)

Each Receiver can receive impulses (individually or simultaneously) from 4 transmitters, each identified by the function "CHANNEL" (1 to 4).
Up to 4 Teams can work (train) in the same area without disturbing each other thanks to the function "TEAM" which offers the ability to code each system (A, B, C, D). It is also possible to use up to 16 transmitters with 4 receivers.

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