Displays HL975-S - MiniDisplay

The HL975-S: a revolution in the world of displays .
The new display panel breaks with tradition and paves the way for a real revolution in the world of displays.
Equipped with an internal timing system accurate to within 1/10,000th of a second, it overcomes the – sometimes complex – constraints of using Timers.
It is thus the ideal tool for training sessions and for clubs and associations with strict budgets.

Timing Solution

Functionalities :
- Starting Lights : 5 individually parametered multi-colour lights, meeting all the applications.
- Speedtrap function : measure and display of a speed between two measuring points, and display a running time or a net time between a start and finish
- Traditional Time Base functions / PTB
- Countdown function
- Start Light
- Speed measure
- Counter
- Clock
- Times display
Distinctive features :
- Easy to transport, light and compact : measuring 10 cm in height, and 30 cm long and 7 cm wide when folded up
- Visibility up to 50 meters
 - 8x48 LED matrix of 10x60x7 cm
- Multi-colour LED
- 2 RS232 communication buses
- TAG Heuer standard protocol (compatible with CP540, Minitimer, HL940 clock, Elite V3 software), as well as TAG Heuer by Lynx software


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    >>Software MiniDisplay Manager

    MiniDisplay Manager

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    >>Professional Tripod

    HL5R/HL5RL/HL6 - Professional Tripod

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