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Information displayed

- Your position on the race

- Your lap time

- Your gap with the best time of the session

- Your best time of the session

- Laps number

- Gap with the vehicle ahead of your position

- Gap with the vehicle below your position

- Safety messages


OLED Messenger

The OLED Messenger is a unique on-board data acquisition display; it is the answer to many race tracks safety requests, usually regulated by the timekeeping teams and delegates.

Developed by Chronelec and tested with the support of the French Federation of Motor racing (FFSA), the OLED Messenger represents a stunning technological breakthrough:
At its heart it is an advanced integrated electronic system, encased in a polyurethane packaging boasting a 2,8” new generation screen display . The name OLED Messenger derives from the technical features of the screen, which ensures distinct clarity. It also pays tribute to the opportunity given to drivers to receive texts and safety messages on board the vehicle.
This unique device receives all official race information in real time to every or selected competition vehicles.
Controlled by the Timing centre, the OLED Messenger will display in real time custom safety messages and all official lap- and intermediate times, including race positions and gaps with the drivers positions in front and behind.

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