TAG Heuer Professional Timing The HL975-S: a revolution in the world of displays

Distinctive features :

- Starting Lights : 5 individually parametered multi-colour lights, meeting all the applications.
- Speedtrap function : measure and display of a speed between two measuring points, and display a running time or a net time between a start and finish
- Traditional Time Base functions / PTB
- Countdown function
- Clock
- Drop-down messages
- Times display

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The HL975-S : a revolution in the world of displays

The new HL975-S display panel by TAG Heuer Timing breaks with tradition and paves the way for a real revolution in the world of displays.

Ever since 1860, TAG Heuer has been radically changing standards to give life to the most striking innovations in timing. As the leader in global timing solutions, the brand benefits from its active involvement in motor sports – automobile and motorcycle – to enhance its range of innovative products, which are changing the sports timing codes, and opening up new application areas. In 2012 the TAG Heuer Timing division unveiled the first display in the world equipped with an internal timing system. This technology innovation - the result of two years’ work – was tested with the effective support of its European agents. Easy to use in all locations, it is aimed at any club or association attracted by its flexibility.

The HL975-S by TAG Heuer Timing: a revolution in the fundamental principles of timing display panels.
Prior to the introduction of the HL975-S, almost all timing display panels were based on the conventional principle of displaying the times communicated by sophisticated electronic timing devices. In the conventional systems, the timing calculations are performed by a time base - the Timer -, which, when connected to the photo-cells, sends the times back to the display panel, with transmission being effected by cable or radio. The HL975-S radically changes these fundamentals. Equipped with an internal timing system accurate to within 1/10,000th of a second, it overcomes the – sometimes complex – constraints of using Timers. It is thus the ideal tool for training sessions and for clubs and associations with strict budgets.

Innovative functionalities – superior to existing products
Apart from the traditional Timer functions ( timer, countdown, clock and drop-down messages )  the HL975 –S introduces two new functionalities: The TAG Heuer Timing Research & Development team has capitalized on two well-known principles of motor racing. Its many years’ experience of motor racing championships as well as its very active partnership with the International Motorcycling Federation have highlighted the needs felt for vital functions: display of the Starting Lights, and the Speedtrap function. Totally integrated into this unique tool, they usefully supplement the conventional display panel functions. This greatly benefits the users, who can break completely free – in all locations – from the technical constraints imposed by the circuits. - The Starting Lights function makes it possible to generate a starting sequence, consisting of 5 individually parametered multi-colour lights, meeting all the applications. - The Speedtrap function is the very essence of the HL975-S . It allows one to measure and display a speed between two measuring points, and to display a running time or a net time between a start and finish.

Easy to use and transport
Measuring 10 cm in height, and 30 cm long and 7 cm wide when folded up, which is the size of a small travel bag , the HL975-S has very limited dimensions. Easy to transport - light and compact - and equipped with software - the HL975 Manager – which simplifies the configuration of the functionality used, it’s amazingly easy to use. But this does not mean its display functionalities have been forgotten:
• Visibility up to 50 meters
• 8x48 LED matrix of 10x60x7 cm
• Multi-colour LED • 2 RS232 communication buses
• TAG Heuer standard protocol (compatible with CP540, Minitimer, HL940 clock, Elite V3 software), as well as TAG Heuer by Lynx software

TAG Heuer and the HL975-S display: in the forefront of technical innovation for global timing solutions
Although the general concept of the HL975-S is entirely novel, the influence of the other products in the TAG Heuer Timing range is obvious from the first time it is used. All are the result of a policy specific to TAG Heuer: integration in a single range, equipped with a standard protocol that facilitates the promotion of global timing solutions. The HL975-S will be available in September 2012 reselling at the price of CHF 2 500. The model is also available in the version HL975, without the time base management.

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