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Msports-Pro is an universal multisports software allowing the management, processing and printing of many type of competition with individual starts (Ski, Cross country, rally), massive starts (Marathon, Cross Country), speed measurement (Speed skiing) and parallel races (Ski, Dragster).

Timing Solution

Operating instructions

The Msports-Pro software operates in two modes : Free mode (free of charge) and Extended mode :
- Free mode allows simple timing event operated by TAG Heuer timing devices 
- Extended mode requires the acquisition of a license . Operating in Extended mode gives access to all the features of Msports-Pro
- For more details , download the Product card

Recommended system
-  PC running windows 98 / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7
-  Screen : 800x600 (at least), 1024*700 or higher recommanded
User license

The purchase of an user licence for the Msports-Pro Extended mode is controlled by a Dongle protection key. The Dongle must be plugged in the computer on which you wish to run Msports-Pro in Extended mode.

Current version
- Version : 3.0.13
- Date : 09/05/2013


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