Softwares Jumping-Pro

Jumping-Pro allows the timing and the printing of equestrian events in the jumping section. The software is compatible with the following rules : FEI, FFE, SHF et SIF.

Timing Solution

Operating modes

The Jumping-Pro software operates in two modes : Free mode (free of charge) and Extended mode.
- Free mode  allows simple timing event operated by TAG Heuer timing devices .
- Extended mode requires the acquisition of a license . Operating in Extended mode gives access to all the features of Jumping-Pro.
- For more details , download the Product card .

Recommended system
- PC running Windows XP / Vista / 7
- Screen resolution : 1024*700 (or even more)
User license

The purchase of an user licence for the Extended mode is controlled by a Dongle protection key. The Dongle must be plugged in the computer on which you wish to run Jumping-Pro in Extended mode.

Current Version
- Version : 4.1.06
- Date : 26/08/2013


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