Photocell Solutions CP545 - Chronoprinter 545

Building on the success of the previous CP 540 and combining all the features already present , TAG Heuer has concentrated timekeeping knowledge and feedback from timekeepers all over the world from many sporting disciplines to bring additional benefits and features .

Timing Solution

Additional benefits and features
- 3 new timing modes to complement the 10 existing modes on the Chronoprinter. They allow its use without constraints in Show Jumping race timing (single phase, immediate Jump-off, and 2 phase competition )
- Internal memory has been increased to 30'000 times: past race data all retained in memory
- Multi-language function has been integrated
- Connectivity has been expanded with the addition of a USB port
- Accepts rechargeable batteries : the economic and ecological benefit is undeniable
- Supplemented by a free version of the Elite V3 timing software
The CP545’s precision time base and buffered inputs guarantee measurements accurate to 1/100,000 of a second.
Timing modes
The numerous integrated timing modes such as NET TIME, PARALLEL SEQUENTIAL or PARALLEL, TRAINING, SPEED, LAP, SPLIT/LAP will satisfy the most demanding timekeeper. The CP 545 is able to accommodate the majority of sports disciplines operating as a stand-alone unit. When connected to a PC running TAG Heuer’s extensive range of race management software, it is also the ideal time base for all professional sports-timing.


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    HL540-GSM - Docking GSM

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    HL540-BATT - Docking Battery