Photocells Sports Timing Solutions

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  • >>01Chronoprinter 545

    CP545 - Chronoprinter 545

    The symbolic product of the TAG Heuer Professional Timing range

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  • >>02Minitimer

    HL440 - Minitimer

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  • >>03ID-Vision camera

    HL180 - ID-Vision identification camera

    The reliable and cost effective "visual" backup solution for timekeeping

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  • >>04100mW Wireless Photocell

    100mW Wireless Photocell HL3-1x

    New 100mW Wireless-Photocell HL3-1x Family

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  • >>05Photocell 20m

    HL2-31 - 20m Photocell

    Photocell with Reflector

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  • >>06Photocell Rally

    HL2-33 - Photocell Rally

    Double photocell with transmitter and receiver for Rally

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