Photocells Solutions HL2-33 - Rally Photocell

TAG Heuer’s extensive experience in the development of infrared photocells has led to the production of highly reliable and precise instruments that are very stable in adverse conditions. For all professional timing applications even with heavy dust Timing line width up to 40 meters in “LOW” power position and up to 80 meters in “HIGH” power position. An indicator lamp visible through a separate lens in the receiver element allows one person to easily adjust the alignment from the opposite side of the timing line. Internal battery power as well as a plug for external power input of 6-12 V DC. Impulse output length adjustment. Two indicator lamps (LED) provide information on battery condition and photocell signal alignment.

Timing Solution


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    >>Professional Tripod

    HL5R/HL5RL/HL6 - Professional Tripod

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    >>Supports for Photocells

    HL4/HL4-3 - Supports for Photocells