Tag Heuer Professional Timing Aktualitäten Tag Heuer By Lynx Photo Finish Camera

Distinctive features :

- Full integration with TAG Heuer by Chronelec decoders and TAG Heuer Timing CP540, for Intermediate and Lap Timing; each system acting as a back up for the other.

- Sharing of the timing data from each independent system across a secure, fully redundant results network to assure the accuracy and integrity of results.

- Rule based software protocol for automatic export of visual data to officials’ remote computers allowing for rapid and indisputable decisions.


TAG Heuer by Lynx Photo Finish camera

2010 Race of Champions-Nations Cup ( Düsseldorf – Germany ), November 27th :

In providing its brand new timing device for the Race of Champions-Nations Cup, TAG Heuer's Timing department proudly presents the new TAG Heuer by Lynx Photo Finish Camera, with an accuracy to 1/10.000th of a second, as its most powerful piece of timing technology to date. Epitomizing TAG Heuer's reliability and precision, this camera is the result of a close partnership with Lynx Systems Developers, Inc. along with the efficient support of the French Motor Racing Federation (FFSA) who contributed to the product design and testing programs, respectively.

TAG Heuer has designed comprehensive, unique and innovative packaged solutions for motor sports. The most precise timing technologies available (digital finish cameras, transponders and photocells ) are fully integrated to provide a timing resolution of up to 1/10,000th of a second with visual proof for every lap and competitor and each system acting for a back-up for the other. Timing data from each independent system can be shared across a secure, fully-redundant results network to assure the accuracy and integrity of results . A rule based software protocol allows automatic export of visual data to officials’ remote computers allowing for rapid and indisputable decisions.

The complete and modular design of the packaged solutions means they can easily be expanded according to the needs and budgets of individual venues. This allows Tag Heuer to create unique, customized solutions to meet the specific requests of any racing facility and sports event. The number of possible system configurations is extensive, ranging from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

Leaders in timekeeping expertise and precision

The partnership with Lynx System Developers, Inc. is no coincidence; this world leader in digital sports technology has proven its expertise for years in numerous world-class sporting applications and events. No other digital photo finish technology can offer such a high level of time precision and image resolution; such an array of connectivity alternatives; or such a range of possible configurations.

The final product is not a coincidence either; teams from Lynx System Developers and TAG Heuer have worked together for nearly two years to develop the most precise and reliable timing technology available. The FFSA proposed the French GT Championship race in Albi as a test event. It just so happened that the race finished with the closest gap ever registered in a GT championship: an astonishing 15/1000th's of a second difference between winner Marc Sourd and second-placed David Hallyday. The camera easily confirmed the transponder system’s order of finish with an indisputable high-resolution image of the finish line.

Today, complemented by the new TAG Heuer photo finish camera by Lynx and the TAG Heuer transponders by Chronelec, the ever-expanding line of high-end timing and results technology demonstrates Tag Heuer's commitment to comprehensive & integrated timekeeping " Global" solutions for world class sporting events.

TAG Heuer's pursuit of ultimate timekeeping precision continues.

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